Welcome to the Harvard Club of Bulgaria!


The Harvard Club of Bulgaria (HCB) was founded in 2001. It seeks to attract the best Bulgarian students to Harvard. It works to connect Bulgarian Harvard alumni, students, faculty, and friends with one another, as well as with the University and its global alumni community. It encourages its members to volunteer, take leadership initiative in their respective communities, and stay informed about issues of national and global significance by learning from the most accomplished practitioners in each respective field.

The purpose of HCB as defined in foundational documents includes the following:

1. Promote social relationships among Harvard alumni and friends in Bulgaria and Bulgarian Harvard alumni abroad;
2. Stimulate discussion of current social problems;
3. Bring Harvard news to members and alumni;
4. Communicate alumni views to the Harvard Alumni Association;
5. Influence outstanding young Bulgarians to apply to Harvard and help them identify their goals in the process;
6. Raise scholarship funds and provide financial assistance to young scholars;
7. Provide and stimulate community service in Bulgaria;
8. Recognize outstanding achievement by business, social and political leaders in Bulgaria;
9. Co-operate with the Harvard Alumni Association to strengthen the Harvard Club and encourage the establishment of new clubs.

We believe that HCB is well positioned to role-model and advance the defining values of the Harvard community:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Mutual respect
  • Accountability
  • Social responsibility

Throughout the year, HCB hosts various types of events, which reflect the interests and preferences of its members and the purpose and values of Harvard University and the Harvard Alumni Association. HCB’s primary activities fall in the following areas:

  • Attracting the world’s most talented individuals to Harvard University
  • Providing opportunities for alumni to network and interact
  • Promoting and elevating the stature of the University within the community
  • Providing opportunities for alumni to remain connected to the University and to serve the University
  • Encouraging lifelong learning